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I would like to say that I am a grown man so I am looking for grown man.Its been a long time coming,learning what i want out of life and out of a man,learning what i will accept and what i wont accept.I want a man that has something going for himself rather it be his own place,car or job,one that is not on any games,says what he means and means what he says.rather he is looking for friendship only,casual sexual encounters or a long term serious relationship to just be honest with me.dont lead me on with feelings you know you do not feel.I am not looking because that only leads to disappointment.But I am waiting on that special man to come into my life that will love and appreciate a good man,not mislead or take me for granted.You may believe that I am just feeling your head up with lies,your probably sitting there saying to yourself "yeah right they all say that" since a lot you have probably been hurt the way i have.BUT I AM that man.I have a romantic side,love music,romance,passionate sex,desire,candles,incense,full body massages,both giving and receiving them.making your body urn for me,your d*ck stiffer than ever before.
HighSchool: Briggs High School
Music: jeffree star is my idiol, i like r&b, hip hop, rap: mostly gangster rap, and yes some country
TV: the logo channel, lifetime channel and roseann
Books: books on becoming a realtor and magazines
Sports: wrestling, boxing, soccer, football and basketball
Interests: my job, making money, riding around, men, sex, porn etc.
Movies: broke back mountian, anything with robert denerio, sameul l. jackson and denzel washington, comedy, action and drama
BestFeatures: my smile and eyes
Dreams: I am determined to succeed and refuse to fail, very motivated. I have a job, my own place, my own car. I intend on getting my degree in finance online in the near future. Then I can find a career make an average of 60,000 my first year. At that point start flipping houses for huge profits. And invest my money wisely. I have dreams of being rich that push me to never give up until I reach my goals in life. "The American Dream" Million dollar house, 100,000 car, "Perfect Hubby" The difference between most and me is I dont just sit around saying "Im gonna have this one day" or "I really wished i was rich"... And not doing any thing about it. Im putting forth the effort to get to that point. And that is the different that will take me there!

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